Deep sleep Hail Marys

Hello all,
First post, but I have been following bulletproof diet/lifestyle for the past year. One area that seems to be my nemesis is deep sleep. My lack of it most likely explains the CFS type symptoms that I have (fatigue, dry-eye, insomnia). So far I have tried all of the basics and I am hoping that members have some long-shot hacks that have let them get into stage 3 for longer that 20min a night. I do blue blocker glasses and dim lights 2 hours prior to bed, use an acupressure mat, and do all of the typical supps like magnesium, zinc, omega's. I tried tryptophan, 5-htp, theanine, and Valerian root without any success and some pretty bad side effects on the first two. I also use folate and b12 in the mornings for my MTHFR mutation and tried NAC, ALCAR, and Alpha lipic acid for mitochondria support, but all three taken together or seperatly made me feel terrible. None of these can boost me past my typical twenty minutes of deep sleep. I am 32 years old, eat very clean, and exercise daily. So, any miracle hacks out there?


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