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Not exactly where to put this post but figured that most people using saunas with long hair are women so here we are. I started using the sauna after workouts and am LOVING it. However, I am concerned about the effect the extended dry heat will have on my hair in the long run. Then I thought of those hot oil treatments and thought that maybe I could turn my 30-40 min in the sauna into something good for my hair too? I was thinking if I wet my hair and apply the oil, wrap it up in a towel before I enter the sauna and then just rinse it out when I rinse off/shower after. Should I just wrap my hair in a damp towel? Will the moisture plus heat cook my hair? Just wondering if this is something others have considered or tried and what your experience or recommendations are. Also, if I use an oil, what one should I use? I have thick wavy hair and would love to grow it longer (its shoulder length now).




  • I've used many saunas and always take advantage of the heat benefits for my long hair. I would use organic coconut oil, (mix in some high-grade castor oil for super strength and growth) clip it up, or wrap in a towel if you need to. The sauna will not cook your hair!

  • Thanks for the input. I was thinking about just coconut oil... but then spent money on this shea butter castor oil hair mask and tried it today... ugh, my hair feels dry after I washed it out! I'm thinking to try to return it and just stick with simple!

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    Castor oil is great for hair growth, and pretty cheap. Just make sure to wash out everything thoroughly. Sometimes I end up with greasy hair even with multiple long rinses. And they say if the remains on the scalp it can block pores and make your hair fall out, well that may be an urban legend, I don't know but I always try to remove it completely to be safe.

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