Baby Caffein Metabolism

Hey guys,

I am nursing a 16 month old who is also taking other food and liquid.
She loves to drink whatever is in our cups and flips sometimes out if she doesn't get it.
I recently red in an article of Dave that his kids drink Bulletproof since one and that they metabolise caffein twice as fast as adults and thus don't show a difference in behavior.
Did I understand right that one can give coffee to a one year old without concern?
She seems to like it just like 100% unsweetend chocolate but is already very active and wild.
Would this also mean that I can drink coffee and chocolate without issues?
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    I don't think it is a good idea to use caffeine for other reasons than occasionally reduce fatigue when there is a need. And a baby's body is just learning how to handle different stressors, it doesn't need caffeine to artificially alter her stress hormone production. Another thing to consider: with adults, recreational caffeine use leads to tolerance, why induce that in a baby who doesn't need any stimulants?

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