Should I take amoxicillin in my case?


24y/o male from the UK here. I have been following the bulletproof way for about 2 years now and have lurked on the forums a lot.

However now I am looking for some advice... Recently I fell ill, definitely due to a combination of lack of sleep, change in environment, multiple DIFFERENT stressors and some poor diet choices etc. I have been sick for 8/9 days now with a chesty cough and flu/cold. I went to the doctors today because I was told by work that I needed a doctors note. I ended up walking out with a prescription of amoxicillin :/.

I've read a lot on the forums about antibiotics and have my own knowledge but I'm struggling to decide what to do IN MY CASE.

I've read that amoxicillin isn't that bad as far as antibiotics go? Should I therefore just take the course? Or is it still not worth taking it considering I haven't been ill for too long and hope I can kick the illness myself.

I follow the bulletproof diet well, grass fed beef etc. My only downfall is probably that I don't eat enough probiotics. I can fix that though in the mean time. If anyone has any recommendations of probiotic food in the UK please let me know!

Thanks, James


  • I'm also currently taking 6/7g vitamin C orally and 15,000 IU of vitamin D along with ginger tea, raw ginger and a few other food hacks.

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