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Hi all - I've been experimenting with BP intermittent Fasting for about a month now and am trying to figure out how to best cater it to my lifestyle.

For reference, I'm a 23-yr old gluten-free / dairy-free pescatarian. I've always been very active and a healthy eater as well as relatively thin (5'8' 135 lbs). I work out every morning at 6am, rotating between pilates, yoga, HIIT, and spin class - I realize the BP protocol calls to limit workouts but this is the one part of my routine that is non-negotiable as I workout for my mind just as much as my body and work at an investment bank (8am-11pm) so 6am is the only time I can fit in a workout.

My typical day looks like: 5:30am oral B12 supplement, 6am workout, 7am BP coffee (1/2 tsp ghee, 1/2 tbsp Brain octane) + sometimes a tsp of coconut butter if I'm very hungry, BP meal around 1:30/2pm (2 eggs + avocado, spinach or brocolli,sprouted pumpkin seeds, and nutritional yeast), Dinner around 7pm (either eggs or fish + vegetables + a piece of fruit or sweet potato).

I've noticed a decent amount of improvement in my brain efficiency, strength, and muscle retention. Additionally, I feel that eating a big breakfast after my morning workouts makes me feel pretty groggy heading into the office. However, I'm looking to lose about 5-10 lbs (haven't lost any weight yet) and cater the BP diet to best benefit my lifestyle which has led me to quite a few questions I can't seem to find straight answers about.

(1) Does working out in the morning and not eating anything but BP coffee (and the occasional teaspoon of coconut butter) aid or limit the benefits of intermittent fasting? Sometimes I'm very hungry after but don't want to limit ketosis, nor do I want to consume an entire meal alongside my BP coffee. Really just hoping there is someone out there who has been able to manage both BP IF and daily morning workouts.

(2) After about a week of incorporating so much additional fat into my diet - I got my period 2 weeks early, has this ever happened to anyone?

(3) Will the carb content of coconut butter force you out of a fasted/ketosis state?

Any and all input is welcome - thank you for taking the time to read this post and provide input. I really appreciate it!


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    From my understanding consuming protein(at least 30g) with a little bit of carbs within 20-30 minutes after finishing a workout is what you need to do to build lean body mass, which increases metabolism, which burns fat. it's also recommended to eat a little carbs before a workout to get optimal results...I am not a trainer or anything like that, but what ive gathered from several sources is that building muscle is necessary to cut down body fat and that you need to eat protein right after a workout to get best results.

    This sounds counterintuitive, how about skipping workouts and increasing caloric intake....? just occasionally like for a few days. Taking a light walk instead of a workout, and upping the fat+carb intake slightly. You are neither sedentary or overweight/obese, it sounds like you have a somewhat high-stress job and having your morning exercise routine be more relaxing than stimulating might lead to the fat loss you're looking for. also eating more would increase metabolism. Personally the best looking I've been is when I was gorging on bacon and butter every day and working out like maybe twice a week, occasionally thrice a week--it sounds upside down but that was the only time I really did get that lean fitness-model look instead of just being "thin".

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