How to beat the cravings?

Hello all! I'm new here (this is my 2nd day) and I was wondering what could I do to stop the cravings in the afternoon? My Labrador is crazy! ahahahah
I had the BF coffee this morning and I did the fast as the book recomends. I had saumon with boulgour for lunch and I was perfectly fine until 6pm.. Im having those cravings but I dont know what to eat!!!! Could you help me please? I was following a diet and for the afternoon I was having a Skyr (iceland yogurt with fat free protein) but according to the book I have to avoid it! what can I eat?

And if is not to much to ask, when he says carbo for dinner does he means potatoes, rice, etc?

Thank you!! I really hope this works..Im so tired of being overweighted and not being able to lose of it... -sigh-


  • Im not sure what boulgour is, but I've found eating fat for lunch helps over time. I was eating 4000+ calories for the first few days...almost all fat (little protein) from macadamia nuts, almonds, bp coffee, avocado, eggs etc. The cravings disappeared,,, IE, today I ate 1800 calories (and burned over 3000 from work & Muay Thai) was because I wasn't hungry throughout the day and I couldn't force myself to eat much more than 1500 calorie dinner lol. It takes time. You can try supplementing chromium and l-glutamine as well. But ask yourself if you're hungry, or if it really is just a silly craving, if youre hungry- dont be afraid of FAT, at least not at first while you're adjusting....eventually you want to watch your cals ( ;

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