Feeling tired and weird

I've been eating low carb, moderate protein and high healthy fats for about 6 weeks. I've lost 10 pounds and have nearly completely reversed my irritable bowel problem. I am (or thought I was) gluten and dairy intolerant. I am hypothyroid and take Nature-thyroid. I have my blood work done every year and the very good doctors I have found have been encouraging. We look over my lab work together and they all say it looks good. However, a few years ago I had a glucose of 200. I freaked out but the doctor asked if I had had coffee before the blood work and I had. We retook it without coffee and it was 100. It stays around 100 on tests after that. I think i have been pre diabetic for years.

I have had some very strong reactions to this diet. Before throwing out sugar and focusing on healthy carbs, I was eating what I thought was a healthy diet. We ate mostly at home and I cooked meats and veggies but also I was baking with gluten free crap and still eating sugar and drinking wine every night. This last week has been really hard physically. I've felt a bit out of it. I haven't been very hungry (got the Bulletproof coffee and I sometimes add MCT oil and ghee/have ordered the Brain Octane Oil). I am taking some of the recommended supplements. Here are some of the weird symptoms of this week that I would love feedback on:

-- felt a twitch in a neck vein for a few hours. Added sea salt and magnesium and that went away after 2 days (called my doc as it was so weird and she said not to worry about it. We had a beloved dog pass suddenly away a week ago and she felt it was also stress related)

-- last night I felt anxiety and felt like I had a head cold. I decided to eat one corn tortilla (handmade from a local source) and I instantly felt better. I went from feeling like a zombie to playing chase with one of my dogs.

-- I also decided before eating the tortilla that since I felt like crap I would have a bit of Irish Whisky (I have otherwise quit alcohol as well). I wanted to see what made me feel better even though I know alcohol isn't usually the go to thing. I felt fine when I went to sleep but I woke up at 5 with a rapid heart beat and feeling quite loopy again. I've read so much about diabetes and pre-diabetes that it felt like a blood sugar crash. I ate half of a Primal coconut cashew bar and took some magnesium and went back to sleep. Woke up 2 hours later and still felt awful. My wise husband made me 2 breakfast tacos with those homemade corn tortillas, bacon and eggs and I perked up immediately.

I am guessing I need to eat more in general even though I don't feel hungry and I need more carbs but I could really use some feedback. I already eat a lot of vegetables every day so what kind of other carbs should I add? The corn tortillas immediately revive me so for now I am eating 1 or 2 a day. They have 8 grams of carbs and no sugar.

I felt so weird yesterday and this morning that I considered going to the ER to get some tests done.

I know I have an incredibly sensitive system. I am allergic to penicillin, can't handle morphine (had 1/2 of my thyroid removed and an appendectomy and learned that morphine makes me creeped out), and I thought all these years (I am 52) that gluten and dairy messed with my system. I had quit drinking coffee as my digestion couldn't handle it but now I have the bullet proof coffee and no digestion upset. Maybe moldy coffee made me sick in the mornings more than gluten and dairy every did? For years I felt sick in the morning with stomach cramps and diarrhea but not at other times during the day. I started this way of eating to clear that up and it has..... but it also is bringing up these other things.


  • I am going to delete this as I sadly got no responses. :(

  • @UtahAnnie You should evaluate your caloric intake and make sure it is not too low.

    Some people need more carbs than others.Don't be afraid of fruits and starchy veggies.

    Do you refeed? How often and how much of what?

    Figuring out your nutritional needs and sorting out gut issues will take some time. Pay attention, be patient, good luck!

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