Reactions to bpc after 5 months

Hi all,

I do bulletproof coffee, but with matcha tea instead of coffee. I've done it for the last 5 months, and after a less than easy adjustment period, I have been loving it for at last two months.

But now I am having physiological reactions to it. Last week, after having a cup in the morning, I had a very strong nauseous feeling and urgently had to use the restroom. This happened a few more times and I stopped using the grassfed butter (simply because my instincts told me to). That has stopped. But now, the following week, I can barely take a sip of the tea with the XCT oil in it, because I gag, totally not within my control.

Does anyone have a sense of what could be causing this? Should I take a break from it for a while and start back up in a couple weeks?

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