Syncing training schedules like "Body By Science" with diet, fasting etc.

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If you do something like "Body By Science" where you train hard for hypertrophy by body damage once a week,
how would you synchronize this with diet, fasting in general and supplements (BCAAs etc)?

The goal is good balance between hypertrophy, fat-loss and in my case controlling DOMS.

My case:
My schedule varies, but I train each body-part hard less than once a week, usually in the week-end.
Weekdays I usually don't eat before lunch. I usually do a longer fast (22h+) once a week (Wednesdays are best).
Sometimes i try to take BCAAs/Glutamine in fast-periods when I think I am growing and/or before sessions.

I am perhaps 28% fat. I want slow, long term growth in strength/hypertrophy.

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