Stress induced perspiration (sweating)

I would like to hear stress (or otherwise) induced perspiration discussed.

Due to some irregularity I have started sweating under my armpits even when the rest of my body is cold. This is sometimes induced by stress which was proven last week when it occurred before each of 2 flights. I travel a lot and I’m not afraid of flying, but clearly the security controls and stupid carry-on baggage weight restrictions (varying between airlines and getting worse) cause me stress.

Dave doesn’t mind discussing unpleasant issues, so here we go. My right armpit smells in this situation, but my left does not. I wash properly and use a deodorant without Aluminum (NOT anti-perspirant) and have never had smelly sweat before. I now have to take a mini deodorant when flying, if it’s not too late to use it.

I am incredibly grateful for all those who dedicate their time and experience here in helping others. I once was able to do the same in several other fora, often spending hours on end answering questions, which in turn gave me great personal satisfaction. 


  • Foods like garlic, curry, chives and onions may change your odor. These foods have great healthy properties so avoid them for a week to see if there is any odor benefit and go back to them if not. If sweating is excessive, consider talking to your physician about DrySol

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