Achilles tendonitis... chronic?

Hello, Bulletproof!
My friend has been suffering from Achilles tendonitis for several years.
I feel like it can fully recover, but I lack the wisdom to know how...

So I'm seeking the help of wiser minds :D

A 50-sec summary is...
Initially she injured her achilles tendon several years ago, and had some kind of injection treatment.
Unfortunately, the treatment made the skin of the injected area very sensitive.
Since then, she's been only wearing shoes that are easy on the skin. So no formal shoes.

Meanwhile, the tendon got better and she regularly did pilates but had an injury on the same spot early this year.
It's slow healing, the weather's nice, and she's frustrated.

I'm somewhat mad at doctors who she's seen by now--there were many--because I had a similar experience with my injury too.

I wish I described more technically but here's a tl;dr
1.) The high point of her recovery was when she could walk and stand fine, but could not sprint or run uphill.
2.) Because of the skin damage, she only wears soft shoes like sneakers.

What can she do to remedy these two?

Baffled and wanting to help,

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