Trouble staying energized for Ironman, fat fueled athlete

I'm in the process of training for my 3rd 70.3 Triathlon and the first year I've trained as a fat fueled athlete. Now that I'm up at 7 mile runs and 25mile bike rides, I'm having trouble with training 2 days after one of those long training sessions. I feel like I have the energy but the muscles are exhausted. I can't recall this happening mid-training season when I relied on carbs. Does glycogen not form as readily when trying to adhere to the BP diet? Should I be eating white rice more than twice a week?



  • That would explain a few things. Assuming I was in that rhythm of eating 300g of BP rice on those days, is it more advantageous to load up hours in advance (or night before) of a big training session or use it to refill the glycogen stores afterwards?


  • Much appreciated!

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