Cooling the bedroom - healthy air-conditioning unit?

Hi guys,

I come form Europe and its starting to get quite hot here. Every summer I have trouble sleeping because of the heat, therefor I decided to invest in a good air-conditioning unit. The problem is there arent many healthy ones in the market. Could you help me indentifiy a good and healthy way to cool down the room temp in my house.





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    Why do you consider air conditioning unhealthy? It works similarly to your refrigerator, except it cools the room and not your tasty delicious meat lumps.

  • You just need to find the right air conditioner and you'll be fine. Many people have them and if you pay attention to the temperature and the time it's on, you don't have to worry.

  • I had the same problem with insomnia . During the summer time i couldn't go asleep and was staying in my bed for hours till morning with feeling that I become crazy . And even pills didn't help me at all . But during some weeks I have installed a A/C from this site . Suddenly I noticed that it was a solution for my problem. The air became fresh and cool in my bed room and I understood that It was essential for my body and my brain to feel the comfort temperature and do not sweat all night . Now I am enjoying every night a good and health sleep and never had insomnia after that.

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