How about having no breakfast and drinking BPC at lunch?

HI all,

First time poster and newbie to the BPC world, so please forgive any glaring mistakes.

I've just started drinking BPC and am presently trying to lose weight, via healthy eating and following a 16:8 style IF plan. As I usually don't feel very hungry in the morning (I very rarely eat breakfast), and find that the BPC fills me up nicely, I was wondering about the idea of continuing my fast through the morning and then having my BPC for lunch instead of first thing in the morning, as I'm presently doing? That way, the only meal I will eat will be dinner.

As I'm a newbie though, I thought I'd seek some opinions before doing this though.

Is this a good idea?
Should I put Brain Octane Oil in my first (non BPC) coffee of the day?

Also, do you all use butter in EVERY cup of coffee you make, or is that a bad idea?

Any help or advice would be gratefully appreciated. :)



  • jcg3jcg3 ✭✭✭

    That should be fine - I often skip breakfast and have bulletproof coffee for lunch.

    You don't need to put butter or octane in your coffee if you don't want to. You can enjoy it black (nothing added), with only butter, with only octane, with butter and octane, with butter+octane+collagen+coconut oil+vanilla+chocolate+anything else you can think of... there's no wrong way to mix it. I'd recommend experimenting and trying different variations, see how they treat you.

    That said, you get slightly more benefit having some fat in coffee - as little as 5g of butter (or any oil) should be sufficient - that will allow your body to absorb some of the fat-soluble polyphenols better. The benefit is only slight though - maybe a 20% improvement (that's a complete guess). You still get benefit drinking coffee black. You'd probably get more benefit making the coffee with a metal filter (vs. paper) - the metal allows more of the coffee oils into the coffee.

    You can have too much butter, but you'll probably realize it based on taste or desire to consume butter. If you're not looking forward to the buttery taste, cut back on the butter. Experiment a little. It's good to try the "official" recipe for bulletproof coffee a few times so that you can really appreciate it, but after that you can change it up any way you want.

    Be careful of having caffeine too late in the day - if you find you have any trouble sleeping you may want to switch to decaf.

  • Thanks so much for that jcg3, that's super helpful. I'm going to try different variations as you suggested and see how I feel.

    Thanks for taking the time to reply,


  • Madoc1967Madoc1967
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    I have come around to a similar way of eating, except I eat my one meal between 11am-3pm, then have BPC for dinner. I feel better not eating in the evening.

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