BF coffee in a plane

How do you do your BF coffee in a plane? I'll go to Indonesia soon and it is a 20h flight (with a stop) and I have to have the breakfast in the plane.. How do you do it? Can I put the coconut oil and ghee butter in my hand luggage?
Oh boy...


  • I drink my coffee out of a glass travel mug with silicone padding on the outside of it every day. On occasion in a pinch, I just put what I would put in my coffee straight in that mug and fill it with gas station coffee. Then I shake the shit out of it...of course that wont emulsify it, so in that instance, I would shake the shit out of it before any sip/gulp I take. You can also have some sort of vial with the ingredients so you can have it in your pocket. Not like it would be a big deal if you just don't have bulletproof coffee, but I probably wouldn't want to settle either. Especially since black coffee I brew is often better than black coffee I'd get in my travels.

  • @Blasphyx That's a good idea.. Is not to do it everyday but just only in a few occasions.. Is a really nice idea...As the coconut oil is liquid I dont know if I can pass through the security check in the airport with it.. But if I freeze just a cube of it right before going to the airport it should be fine right? :)

  • Shake it up in a travel mug! Not as good as blending but will get the job done on your flight.

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