To Collagen Protein or Not to Collagen Protein Your BP Coffee?

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I've read most everything Dave has published on the matter. While I'm probably missing something somewhere, he seems to contradict himself when it comes to the benefits of adding collage protein to your BP Coffee.

In several places, he talks about the benefits of adding collage protein to your BP coffee to promote fat loss (or if you're over 40). Here's one example:

BUT, the foundation of the whole BP ecosystem stems from the benefits of intermittent fasting and achieving mild, but consistent, states of ketosis throughout your week.

With that said, while Dave occasionally says to add collage protein to your BP Coffee, it seems like it's wise to just ignore that particular advice if you believe in the benefits of ketosis for optimal health, etc.

Sometimes I say to myself "well, he says to add collagen protein to BP Coffee so he will sell more collagen protein".

Why? Because he has stated many times that consuming protein in the morning will effectively kill your fast and therefore ruin your state of ketosis for the morning.

While I have no problem understanding that you might want to add collage protein to your BP Coffee occasionally, from what I've read, I can't imagine that adding collagen protein to your BP Coffee on a daily basis would yield better health benefits (or fat loss benefits) than simply consuming the traditional BP Coffee (only grass-fed butter/ghee + Brain Octane).

BP Coffee is a great thing. Collage protein is a great thing. On the surface, it might seem that combining the two would synergistically (that's not a word) create an even better thing.

But this doesn't seem to be the case. From everything Dave has published, it seems like collagen protein is indeed a very important thing to be consuming...but just not first thing in the morning with your BP Coffee like he sometimes recommends.

I am in no way trying to appear knowledgeable on this matter. I'm simply giving an account from my perspective and hoping to gain more insight from anyone who has anything to add to the whole "should I add collage protein to my BP Coffee?" conundrum.



  • What what I gathered from his comments on collagen, traditional BPC is ideal for most days. BPC + collagen provides the same benefits but with less autophagy and Dave also says he feels hungry like an hour earlier than normal when he uses it.

  • I have "tested" this a few times, tracking my Ketone levels on days I do include Protein, and days I don't. I found no real difference in my Ketone levels. I am using the urine sticks, so they are not very specific. I can get into deep Ketosis in the evening on a day I include protein in my morning coffee. It would be great to get Dave to weigh in on this.

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  • I personally also find that adding collagen to my BPC makes me hungry earlier than when I omit the collagen. For this reason, I have generally been sticking with the regular BPC and adding collagen to other things, like smoothies, that I consume later in the day. I do not see why I need to have collagen right in the morning.

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