What are your secret recovery techniques?

Hi, would be dope to share all our recovery techniques with each other :).

I will kick off:

  • (infrared) sauna
  • magnesium salt baths
  • gua sha / scraping / ART
  • Dry (sliding) cupping
  • Daily mobility training
  • FOOD

I am not a fan of cold exposure for recovery since it will restrict blood flow and tense up al your muscles, then when you get warm again it will pump all the blood to the organs. Might be good for the organs but this topic is more about muscular recovery techniques. I do like cold exposure for stepping out of your comfort zone though.


  • cryotherapy

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  • PEMF! My wife just completed the Seattle Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon by training about 5% of a standard 1/2 Marathon training protocol. She had an amazing race and experienced very little discomfort post race. The only thing we did different, lots of PEMF!

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  • Ice baths are awesome for recovery in my view (infrared sauna is equally good for me). I just don't take the ice baths until at least a few hours after a heavy workout. When I started with cold showers it was painful and I could barely turn the dial past mid-way. Now I find that most showers aren't cold enough and so I'm having to do ice baths instead. It's an amazing experience but it never really gets easy even though I find I also crave it. I feel quite comfortable in high heat (I was out in the direct sun in Dubai at 40C+ and found it very comfortable) but I can also walk outside in a Calgary winter at -25C in a tee-shirt and jeans and find that it's refreshing rather than punishing.

    Diet and sleep are also critical for me, and I also do grounding and get sunlight early in the morning but I can't really tell whether those make a difference for recovery or otherwise. I would expect that some type of active meditation focusing on recovery-types of imagery, etc. would be useful as well -- placebo effect in action....

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