Intermittent BP Fasting and is more than one coffee too. Much?

I am a 50 yr old woman, recently lost 44pound quite easily following low Carb High Fat. I have a further 15 pound I would like to relieve my body of. for the past 8 weeks I have followed Bullet Proof intermittent fasting. last meal about 7pm. Breakfast about 8am is a BP Coffee with butter and brain octane. Coffee can be about 350mls with 1-2 tablespoons of butter and 1 tablespoon brain octane. I will often have this again about 12.30 pm, then only eat my one meal for the day between 5pm and 7 pm. Occasionally I will add brain octane soft gel caps as well and I take magnesium. My weight loss has been stalled the last 8 weeks since I started this but often during the day I just don't feel hungry and don't want to eat until home from work when I can eat fresh vegies and protein. I feel I have lots energy, my brain is no longer foggy and I am working better at my office job. Am I having too much coffee, too much butter and too much oil. Should I cut anything out.? Occasionally I have replaced the 2 nd cup of coffee with green match tea, but again I add the oil and butter to the tea. I don't find the tea as satisfying though. Any suggestions for what is stalling my weight loss?


  • Hi everyone. I'm á 44 year old man trying to get rid of my bellyfat and handles. I've been on a bulletproof and almost no carb diet for two-three months now and I do hard training at the gym 4-5 times a week. Most of the time I've been in pretty good ketosis but I don't seem to be burning any fat. My belly and handles are the same. It really seems and feels like I'm gaining muscle though. Since I startede this diet and training I've put on about 4 kg ( 8 pounds). But the fat is the same. Could I be taking in too much fat? I do BP in the morning around 7 am and again around 2 pm along with a high protein no fat skyr. Then I have my dinner before 8pm. Sometimes I do indulge in a later night BP glass of warm milk at around 10-11pm. All BP with 2 tbsp butter, 1 tbsp coconut oil and one tbsp Brain octain.I know this isn't according to the rules of intrermittant fasting. What's happening? What am I doing wrong? I really want to lose this fat but I'm STUCK! Anyone????

  • I'm one of the few people who don't find whole foods based ketogenic diets to be optimal for weight/fat loss. I do lose weight on one (and I will likely be in ketosis for many decades from now since it has been so remarkable for my health over the part 15 months). What I do notice that helps a lot is not having the BP coffee in the morning and instead having only water until lunchtime (around 11am or so). I try not to eat past 5pm as well. IF has been a great way for me to help accelerate the shedding of some extra pounds that a ketogenic diet was removing, albeit slowly.

    Another thing that I believe on the basis of my own experience is that (and I assume it's ketosis-related but I can't strictly prove that) one a person starts to get healthy, the body proceeds to fix metabolic damage according to its own determined schedule. After a number of months in ketosis, my psoriasis suddenly got worse for a number of days, and then it completely cleared up in about a week. Within about 3 weeks after that I couldn't even see the spots where it used to be. In Jan-Feb of 2017 I went off the ketogenic diet during a period of high stress at work. I also went into carb overload which hadn't happened in about a full year.

    The psoriasis came back (although not quite as bad as before) after about one month, and my nails started to chip again and lose their hardness. in 2015 before starting a ketogenic diet they broke or got chipped a number of times per week. Then after 6 months in ketosis they became so strong that I'd end up touching them multiple times a day in disbelief -- I felt like they could rend wood or even harder substances. With the carb overload in early 2017, this hardness of my nails disappeared after about 6 weeks and they started chipping again but only slightly. For the first 6 weeks after being back in very strict ketosis, nothing much happened, and then after that the psoriasis disappeared over about 2 weeks and the nails are back to being even harder than before.

    That long-winded story is based on experiences that lead me to believe that being in ketosis (a really healthy version with a lot vegetables, healthy fats, limited grass fed meats, some sardines and salmon, free range eggs/raw cheese, and nuts/seeds and spices) makes my body start to repair metabolic damage. I've notice this with various minor skin conditions other than the psoriasis as well. It's as if the body decided to repair things at it's own rate in priority to fat loss. Of course, there is perhaps no connection, but I believe that I see one very clearly in operation over time.

    The longer I stay in ketosis, the less I feel hungry and want to eat. I also consider that related to the above since I have come to think that perhaps the extra calories (and the corresponding hungry making me consume them) is required to help fix such damage first before weight/fat loss is prioritized. I've also notice that I can stay at basically the same weight for 6 weeks at a time with seemingly no fat loss to speak of and then suddenly within a week or less it feels like I lose an entire year's worth of fat.

    All of that said, if I wanted to lose weight more quickly, for me, doing IF with only water for 14 or even better 18 hours would be the best way. After a short while of not eating anything until noon it gets quiet easy and pretty soon it becomes normal.

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