Help. Living in HIGH car traffic area + old house

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What is the best line of defense for living smack in the middle of one of the highest trafficked areas of San Diego?

How do I protect my mitochondria from the following and try to prevent lung cancer:

We live on the beach but back a couple blocks where everyone parks their cars and next to the freeway. ( the dust I clean up is black dust). My bedroom window ( that always needs air flow) is on a hill where people back up their cars and the exhaust goes right into my window. The front room window faces the ocean a bit more.

What would you all suggest? If I close the bedroom window at night, it's much too hot ( no AC).

I use fans to bring in outside air because our apartment was built in the1970's and I can smell the musty odor of old insulation when I come back from closing all the windows. ( Its only 300 Sqre feet)!!

So it's a catch 22. Have the fans blow in carbon monoxide and maybe its mixed with the ocean air OR I close up and breathe in whatever the toxic crap is that's coming from the OLD insulation and blow in cool air from a portable AC.
Just the thought of not being able to move is stressful and that's not good either so I'm open to brainstorming.

( Maybe leave during the day and spend my time in a remote coffee shop where there is slightly better air??)

San Diego is #7 for most toxic air.

We have one portable AC unit but now has mold in it. nothing worse than not being able to afford new appliances to keep us healthy!
I can't move for another year...due to some other variables.

Thanks in advance.


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