Arginine vs Citrulline for the evening

Arginine is Bulletproof recommended for the evening*

Though for NOx it is often said Citrulline is better.

How would it be to replace Arginine with Citrulline in the evening?

Perhaps Citrulline in the morning and Arginine in the evening.

(Practically Ornithine seems to be sold in a combination with Argenine, so its more practical)

*It seems Arginine is recomended for growth hormone, not really sleeping.
Ornithine is more relaxing.


  • cortextcortext ✭✭
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    Interestingly, I've read that alpha-ketoglutarate is a longevity-promoting supplement, where glycine-alpha-ketoglutarate in particular seems to shine -- I've also read that OAKG seems to work better when combined with AAKG. I'd be curious to try AAKG + OAKG + Glycine-Alpha-Ketoglutarate before bed (unless this is stimulating stack?) maybe with Citrulline on top.

    Although, there is some concern that this might increase viral replication and activation. The last time I checked HSV1, my antibody levels were off the chart. I never seem to come down with a cold, but damned if I don't get run down by what seems like a viral load.

    Nitrosigine also seems like an interesting form of arginine (as well as Arginine-Acetyl-L-Carnitine.)

    If you're doing citrulline in the morning, you might try a 2:1 Citrulline : Malate blend -- the only issue I find with this combo is that it's super acidic on the teeth.

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