SARMS Results and Recommendations

Hi Everyone - I have been a bulletproof lifestyle supporter for several years and like to experiment with different things to "hack" high performance. I came across Daves post on SARMs a while back and have done a cycles from one of the two sites Dave recommends as reputable sources. (peptide warehouse and SARMSX). The first run, I tried Ostarine for a short period of time, but switched to LGD4033 and S4. The second cycle, I tried LGD4033, S4, and MK677. All of these from peptide warehouse. The problem is, in my second cycle, I felt there was a significant decrease in the effect it had on my workout/muscle growth compared with the first cycle. I got a good "feel" of what the effect should be from the first cycle, and I simply didnt feel it was the same the second time, despite even increasing the dose. I am concerned the dosing at P.W. is inconsistant or perhaps I got a bad lot.
The other thing I notice is a MASSIVE price discrepancy there is between the same product from Peptide Warehouse vs. SARMSX. This sets off my spidey sense....
I wanted to ask if any others within the bulletproof community have tried SARMS and if they could share their results. Also, what source/sources are trusted in your opinion?



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