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Hi Everyone - I have been a bulletproof lifestyle supporter for several years and like to experiment with different things to "hack" high performance. I came across Daves post on SARMs a while back and have done a cycles from one of the two sites Dave recommends as reputable sources. (peptide warehouse and SARMSX). The first run, I tried Ostarine for a short period of time, but switched to LGD4033 and S4. The second cycle, I tried LGD4033, S4, and MK677. All of these from peptide warehouse. The problem is, in my second cycle, I felt there was a significant decrease in the effect it had on my workout/muscle growth compared with the first cycle. I got a good "feel" of what the effect should be from the first cycle, and I simply didnt feel it was the same the second time, despite even increasing the dose. I am concerned the dosing at P.W. is inconsistant or perhaps I got a bad lot?
The other thing I notice is a MASSIVE price discrepancy there is between the same product from Peptide Warehouse vs. SARMSX. This sets off my spidey sense....
I wanted to ask if any others within the bulletproof community have tried SARMS and if they could share their results. Also, what source/sources are trusted in your opinion?


  • I cycled Ostarine back in March. I got the product made by Alphaform Labs. Found it to be excellent with no side effects whatsoever. I was also taking Bulbine Natalensis. I then took a break and mid June I ordered the same product again. I was one week into the second cycle (same dose as first and with Bulbine) and I began to get very unpleasant pains in my left shoulder and arm. The pain also seemed to be shooting into the area where my spleen is located. It was extremely unpleasant and enough to warrant a hospital visit to ensure my heart was ok - which it was. I stopped the cycle and within three days the pain went away and all is back to normal. I'm not sure why all was good the first time and not now. Maybe I got bad product?

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