Am I the only one?? Anxiousness from Brain Octane oil & Mct oils

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Newbie poster, so apologies if Im posting this question in the wrong discusion. Ive been following a ketogntic diet for about 8 weeks and have had fairly slow fat loss but overall feeling less brain fog and pretty good.

I've read such great things about Brain Octane and coconut oil/ mct oils in general and was so excited to try it in my morning iced coffee. I first tried mct oil back last fall in my coffee and I had this nagging nervousness feeling about an hour after consuming. It basically threw my whole day off and left me feeling anxious, hungry, jittery and overall awful.

I decided to give brain octane a shot and started adding a 1 1/2 teaspoon to my coffee last week. Same thing! It has to be the coconut oil in the brain octane that is causing this reaction for me. Has anyone else had this or heard of it?? Id like to keep with the bullet proof coffee concept so I was thinking I would try adding in avocado oil and see if at least those healthy fats will give me some of the benefits Im looking for. I only drink iced coffee so grass fed butter and ghee are out- they won't work in a cold coffee recipe unfortunately. Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?? thank you!


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    Yeah it's possible, MCT is not easy on the gut. It might be better to have it with food and not just with coffee.

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    You may be getting anxious from the Brain Octane oil itself (e.g., it's too stimulating for you) or it may be triggering something in your body that is causing the anxiousness. And if it's not bulletproof brand, it may have contaminants or not be as pure as you would hope.

    Try starting with a smaller dose of Brain Octane - maybe 0.5 tsp to start. If that agrees with you, slowly increase it over time. If you react to Brain Octane, then it's something in the C8 fats that disagrees with you. If you're fine with Brain Octane but react with anxiousness to coconut oil or other brands MCT oil, then there's something in those other products that may be causing the problem.

    I've heard that ghee is not supposed to clump up in iced coffee, but I've never tried it myself.

    Technically Brain Octane (C8) oil is a subset of coconut oil. Meaning coconut oil contains C8, C10, C12 and a lot of other stuff. The Brain Octane oil is extracted from coconut oil as a "super-concentrated" form of C8. The bulletproof XCT oil is C8 and C10. Other MCT products probably have C8, C10 and C12.

    I'm sure there are many other MCT oils that are pure and high quality, but I'm personally more confident in the Bulletproof brands being thoroughly tested for quality and contaminants.

  • Have you measured blood glucose and/or ketone post MCT intake? That will give you an idea of how it's metabolize in your body.

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