Finally a diagnose!


I already started a topic here a little while ago to ask what my problems could be.

After 3 different physical therapists i finally found a good one that gave me a diagnosis of what my problems are.

Shoulder problem
I had a thicker tendon in my left shoulder (the front).
The problem was that i had aches in my shoulder and at one point it gave me a loss of strength (that's almost a year ago now), since then i stopped pushing motions and been to 2 different pshysical therapists but sadly enough not the right ones. But luckily enough i now found a good one!

Low back problem
My pelvis isn't in symmetry (i don't know how to tell this in english, one side was higher then the other).
Loss of strength in deadlift
I had aches in my glute, low back and legs. But with dry needling this got pretty much fixed, but i still had lower back issues after that. My current physical therapist said to still watch out a bit because there might be a little chance i had a irritated disk.

The advise
He did some cracking to set everything right and i got 2 excercises for my low back problem (sort of butterfly stretch but then lying flat and just hold that for 3 minutes and a glute stretch in 90/90 position but with the backleg flat instead of bend). I got the advise to start lifting again with all the main lifts (overhead press, bench press, deadlift and squat) but all at very low weight and 20 reps. Then when i feel better i could lower the reps to 15 and increase the weight a little bit and so on.

I currently follow a modified version of the texas method but not with the lineair progression since i had/have all these injurys.

I do some preventive/balancing excercises like back extension (bodyweight), face pulls and ab work without loading my hips to much. For ab work is most of the times do standing ab crunches, side bends and sit ups on a physio ball against the wall.

My shoulder mobility is good and i can go pretty low with squat.

But my question right now is, are there some things i can do to fasten/improve my recovery time? I still go to my current physical therapist but i just wanted to know if there would maybe be some things i could do to improve it.



  • Just to keep you guys updated a little bit.

    Still having trouble with my injuries. When my physical therapist adjusts my pelvis it is going very good (with low back and hips) but after a couple of weeks i am back at the same point again. My shoulder is slowly going the better way but still far away from 100%.

    My hips and low back are still not making a lot of progress. Hope i will find a way out of this black hole!

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