making coffee

This is probably a pretty weird question for most of you, but I have never been a coffee drinker (hate the taste, have decided to give it a real test with BP coffee to see if advantages outweigh that, at which point it will be worth cultivating a taste) and I don't have anything to make coffee with. Can I just boil water and dump some grounds in and then strain it with a metal strainer after a while? I do have paper filters to pour it through, but the book suggests a metal mesh. Any suggestions?


  • Still hoping someone will answer this. Don't you all drink the coffee?

  • Hey! I can relate.. coz I've always been a tea person and never preferred coffee. However, I made the shift this Jan and its been great. As a first timer I used to have the same Q.. how to make coffee from ground beans?

    The best way to make it using a French press :) Put 2 tbsp of organic ground coffee (medium roasted - you'll not like dark roasted) in the jar. Boil 250ml of water, let it cool for exactly 30s and pour into the french press. Stir a little so it mixes (don't overdo). After exactly 4 mins.. push the press down and immediately pour out the coffee from the french press. Vola your coffee is ready!

  • Thank you! I ended up buying a Cafellissimo metal mesh pour-over unit ($12) which works pretty well. (It's a bit difficult to clean, but I do it immediately and so far so good.) I can put the butter and oil and stevia into the blender first, then place the dripper right over the blender and drip the coffee directly in, then blend immediately. Now that I've been drinking the coffee for a couple of weeks (and liking it well enough), maybe when the dripper dies or clogs I'll invest in a French press. Are they easy to clean?

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