Dental extraction.

Hello! Can anybody recommend supplements to support my mind and body before a dental extraction and removal of a cyst.

I'm really worried what affect the injections given will have on my brain and body.

I've some Alpha GPC I'm thinking of taking but would really appreciate some guidance.

Thanks in advance
Nici :)


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    If you are using a biological dentist, they will be able to give you recommendations.

    Be careful what you take before the procedure, some supplements can make anesthetic less effective. If I have any dental work, I'll skip my vitamin c, antioxidants, coffee, etc. that morning to make sure the pain killers can do their job. I'm also a fast-metabolizer of dental anesthetics - in the past my dentist needed to give me 3 or 4 shots (that was without any supplements).

    Otherwise, everything you do to be healthy already would be good to do to prep for the dental work. Try to get plenty of sleep, don't consume any alcohol for a few days before the procedure, eat a good and broad diet, etc.

    After the procedure all sorts of things would help - vitamin c, curcumin, ALA, NAC, glutathione, pqq, ubiquinol, iodine, etc. It kind of depends on what you currently take and what you're comfortable with. You don't really want to start using a bunch of supplements the first time right after a major dental procedure... if you have any negative reactions, you don't want to be second guessing whether it was the dental work or the supplements...

    You may also want to consider using some binders to help with any toxins released - activated charcoal, chlorella, etc.

    Alpha GPC is good and could help before or after the dental work, but I don't have enough experience with it to recommend for or against it.

  • Hi,

    Thanks so much for your response. Unfortunately I am not using a biological dentist as they are not available in my area here in the UK.

    I will follow your advice regarding supplements on the morning of my procedure and stay in my usual bulletproof zone. I have glutathione, NAC and GPC in stock so will continue with them afterwards. I also regularly use activated charcoal which will be my first go to after the procedure.

    Thanks again for your advice, it's very much appreciated!

    Take care
    Nici :)

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