Nursing with Supplements/Nootropics?

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I have been Bulletproof for years and even read the pregnancy book written by Dave & his wife and followed the protocols there, but no one mentions what can be taken while nursing.

I'm currently experiencing what I feel like is probably postpartum depression, but it's not emotional or mental, my body is just so tired and it feels like it felt when I had depression years back. I know my body and brain and know I can solve this problem with nootropics but am just not sure if I should while nursing. Any input? Beuller?


  • dazdaz today is a good day ✭✭✭

    Low Vitamin D3 perhaps.
    Get tested (blood test) if possible.

    fake it till you make it

  • The BBB indicates that certain nootropics are safe to take while pregnant (i.e. oxiracetram) and it would seem that the same thing would apply to pregnancy. Unfortunately, it is so hard to find any decent data on many nootropics and supplements during this particular period of time for women and every source will err on the side of caution, sometimes without any data at all. What were you hoping to take?
    I am nursing as well -and while I'm not feeling symptoms of depression, fatigue and plummeting hormones are certainly issues that keep me from feeling like myself. Somethings that have helped me- aside from standard vit/mins (Mg, D3K2, Bs, O3s, etc.): hot/cold therapy- whether you only have access to a hot bath and a cold shower or real sauna + cryo- the endorphins alone may help you feel better; going to sleep by 9pm so that when my baby and toddler are sleeping their deepest I am getting my deepest rest as well (after 1pm I co-sleep and nurse several times); light therapy, yoga if you have time. Also, do not be afraid to ask for help if things seem to get worse! Talk to a doctor (functional would be great), reach out to family, friends, and other moms that are supportive. Good luck- you're baby is lucky to have a Bulletproof mama!!

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