Pressure cooker / Slow cooker

Does anyone have any information about these methods of cooking?
I just bought an instantpot, and am going to use it for both slow cooking and pressure cooking.

Dave mentioned that slow cooking has a danger of breaking down collagen and releasing glutamate. Collagen is fine since we supplement it anyways, glutamate, on the other hand, is a little bit concerning. I figured it's not a big issue if we won't be eating slow cooked meat every single day. Or do you have information that shows clearly that I shouldn't be slow cooking my meat?

I haven't read anything by him about pressure cooking. Technically, it would not have the same issues as the slow cooker, because the cooking times are very low, but it may have the other issue of destroying nutrients, denaturing proteins because of the higher temperatures and pressure. So, is this something to be concerned about?



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    I'd put it in the "yellow" zone - should be ok under normal circumstances, but just be careful and test it out to make sure it's good for you.

    Try eating without the pressure cooker and slow cooker for ~2 weeks, then have a meal that is made in the pressure cooker. See if you notice a difference.

    If a pressure cooker will help you eat better foods and enjoy what you eat more, or have more variety... I say go for it.

    If you're trying to get over some health issue (like leaky gut or an autoimmune condition), maybe avoid it just to be safe.

    Here's an old thread on the topic:

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  • I use a pressure cooker, it's pretty convenient to cook food without being distracted by it. Borsch, soups, potatoes, etc., which requires long cooking are going much faster. The difference in taste compared to cooking in a conventional pan I do not notice, except that the vegetables become much softer and the meat too. Specifically, the difference between the pressure cooker and slow cooker, I can not tell you anything specific, but here's a good article on their differences and advantages/disadvantages.

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