Issues with ghee and not butter

I have been drinking bulletproof coffee for over a year now with no issues at all, however I've recently tried to replace butter with ghee. It's absolutely delicious but I become extremely nauseous and have thrown up from it once. I've tried it three times just to make sure that this was the issue. It seems so odd because it's just clarified butter. Also FYI, I'm not lactose sensitive.

My question is, has anyone had this issue (issues with ghee but not butter), and were you able to figure out why. If you haven't had this issue, any ideas on why someone would be sensitive?

I gotta be honest, it's so delicious I'm desperate to find a reason why and try to fix it.


  • BlasphyxBlasphyx
    edited July 2017

    Maybe it's bad ghee? It's store bought, isn't it? If you made your own ghee out of the butter you use, it would make absolutely no sense because it's not like any extra variable gets added to the butter in the process...less variables are in the mix.

    If the stuff that gets removed from ghee isn't properly filtered and some of that stuff is still in the final product, it would not be shelf stable outside of a fridge, but if it's a commercial product, that is highly unlikely with how easy for any person to make their own without that happening.

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