Your headstrong/ bulletproof best practice? Here are mine.


Which hacks bring you the most awesomeness?

Here are my headstrong/ bulletproof best practices.

Nootropics: Nicotine- while I have trouble respecting Dave's safety guidelines, a nicorette Spray increases my verbal fluency dramatically.
Aniracetam works well too. Microdosing does something for me, but I have to be rather near-tipsy for it to yield ''Extraodinary'' results.

I'm trying aricept and modafinil. Will report.

Ketosis: ''Bulltetproof coffee'', intermittent fasting. When I'm well in ketosis, I feel awesome. When I carb-reload, not so much.

Meditation: I ude headspace, with appreciated results.

Sun exposure: A big thing for me. Helps my mood a lot.

I take loads of reccommended supplements since a like 6 months (plus a huge stack of nootropics I did not mention), but fail to really appreciate how they are enabling anything. I'd have to stop to know, I guess.

The Bulletproofness of my diet could be much improved, I guess (even if it's not that bad), but I lack tangible proof of it efficiency to really make to make the most ''costly'' efforts. Fighting off inlfamation, for instance (giving up cheese, un-grassfed meat ect.)

Please share your exprerience :). It would be precious to me.

Jf from Montreal

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