ADHD - Help fine-adjusting my noot-stack + Ritalin

Hi everyone,

I would be very thankful if more experienced users could give me some advice in terms of doing some adjustments to my noot-stack, which I use in addition to Ritalin, Lamictal, and Seroxat.

Some background; male, 34, have had issues with social anxiety, ADHD since 18-19 y.ol. As I got into my 20's, I started having many issues with depression, social anxiety, and typical ADHD symptoms. At 30, I was diagnosed with ADD, and was put on Ritalin (XR - Concerta) 54mg, Lamictal 200mg, and Seroxat 40mg.

My main issues (before meds.) were impairment of executive functions, forgetting things, depressive mood and social anxiety. After starting the meds, my social anx.went very much down (like from 7 down to 3 -scale to 10), I was more outgoing, more focused, much more motivation, but still had the typical issues of ADHD of not being able to organize my life (work, family, things to do, planning).

After using Ritalin for some time, it started having less effect and dose was increased but effect was much lower compared to the start, which seems to be normal for many people as the brain gets used to the Ritalin.
Anyways, after doing some research, I found some information of nootropics that could help me. The stack I started with was based on this one -

____Mind Lab Pro
ALCAR – 800 mg 3-times per day
NALT – 800 mg 3-times per day
Sulbutiamine – 400 mg twice per day
Aniracetam – 800 mg twice per day
Vinpocetine – 10 mg 3-times per day
DHA (Omega-3) – 1,000 mg per day
1 tablespoon Coconut Oil – 3-times per day
Bought some alpha gpc too

****_The ingredients in Mind Lab Pro along with NALT and ALCAR kept my dopamine and norepinephrine levels high enough to maintain focus, motivation and improve my memory. Vinpocetine kept my brain blood flow at optimal levels. And Aniracetam and Sulbutiamine improved my mood.

I started with only 500 mg of both ALCAR and NALT 2 times daily, 500 mg. Aniracetam daily, and the rest per dosages above.

After testing out I've noticed the following effects

  • 1000 mg. + of ALCAR and NALT seems to be too much and make me nervous, jittery, socially anxious... at max. I can take 500mg of each in the morning with Ritalin and its OK, but for instance if I took 500mg of each in the afternoon (rit. in the morning) then I would feel very anxious, almost panicky approx. 30 min. after, and this lasted like 30 mins. Felt very bad, so stopped that.. I only take sometimes in the morning 500mg of each.

  • Aniracetam seems to make me a bit depressive, low motivation... so stopped it, and it seems to be OK.

  • Mind lab pro seems to be a bit of overkill and I felt it was adding too much to the stack, and felt a bit zoomed out, not present, anhedonia, etc. so stopped that and it seems to be OK.

  • After feeling somehow depressive with this stack (using all noots), I added seroxat in order to increase serotonin levels, and my depressive mood went away, added motivation, happiness for life... of course, also much lower libido as normal... my carb./sugar cravings also went away.

Before I took any nnots, and the Ritalin effect was wearing off, I had tried accidentally to smoke some cigarettes - like 4-7 one night - and the next day I had the best feeling in most terms I can remember. Social anxiety was 0, mood and motivation was very high, high desire to socialize.. you could say I would be more than happy if I could attain this effect. The theory here is that nicotine upregulates nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChR) in the brain. Increasing neural signaling of neurotransmitters and boosting alertness, cognition and memory...... what I noticed was that the next days I tried smoking more and it was a bit hit and miss.. but still a connection... after a while |the effects went away, and my belief is that too high doses of nicotine desensitises the receptors named above... I also tried phosphatidyl-serine and it seemed to have similar effect but also wore off..

Right now, I'm just using ALCAR, NALT (500mg. each in the morning), Ritalin xr 54mg, Lamictal 250 mg, Seroxat 30 mg, Fish oil, Magnesium... the ritalin seems to have more effect but not nearly as it was in the first 2-3 years where I would feel this surge of motivation in the morning. Depressive feelings are gone, social anxiety seems to be low... so all in all not so bad.. but still not the level I know can be attained..

You could say that ideally what I would like to attain is the mood, motivation, focus I felt with the nicotine/phosphatidyl serine, but in a more controlled, balanced way... and well, adding maybe the focus, motivation level that Ritalin gave me the first 2-3 years of use - I've read this has to do with the dopamine receptors being desensitised etc.

In gen. my hypothesis as of now is that my neuro.transmitter levels are...

GABA - Low - thought about getting Sobril to use prn. which has had very good effect for my SA
Glutamate - High - Increased Lamictal from 200 to 250-300mg.
Serotonin - High - lowering from 40 to 20mg.
Acetylcholine - Low - Will try taking some alpha gpc
Dopamine, Nore.. etc. - Normal .. just need to adapt Ritalin dosage, in conjunction with l-tyrosine and ALCAR, which supposedly should help make the Ritalin more effective, help avoid crashes in the afternoon, avoid tolerance to Ritalin...

I would be very happy if you guys have any advice about how I can fine-adjust, in terms of dosage, timing, the noots I'm taking to supplement Ritalin, Lamictal..

If you have ny questions, let me know and I'll answer as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance




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