What's your approach to BP Intermittent Fasting and morning supplements ?

I'm trying to be on a BP diet for a while now, and trying to biohack myself progressively. One thing that still seems confusing to me, is about the BP Intermittent Fasting and Dave's protocol to supplements. I've been trying to find the best moment to take L-Tyrosine, for example, and since is protein, I think it brakes ketosis, but I've seen Dave suggesting to take it with coffee on the morning, so I can only take it when I'm not fasting ? I find myself with that question about a couple other supplements that should be taken in the morning, like chlorella, spirulina, camu-camu for whole food vitamin C, and the list goes on... So I'm curious to hear more experienced people about your approach to BPIF and morning supplements.


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    The amount of L-Tyrosine you would take is not nearly enough to have any effect on ketosis. Same applies to the others, I doubt one could eat as much chlorella and spirulina as would affect ketosis. I certainly couldn't because I get nauseous from bigger amounts.

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