virgin avocado oil in bulletproof coffee

Have any of you thought about putting avocado oil in your BPC? Seems like a pretty good idea. I've been doing it for awhile now. My goto recipe is 14oz of coffee with 2tbsp butter, 2tbsp virgin coconut oil(I know this isn't proper BPC), 1tbsp+1tsp virgin avocado oil, and 1 egg yolk. I put the yolk in after I blend the coffee and just shake it up in my glass mug with a cap. I figure the monounsaturated fat can counter the saturated fat in the butter and coconut oil.

I've heard of people spiking their LDL cholesterol and somehow the BPC is linked to this spike, but somehow similar amounts of butter and coconut oil is okay when it's in actual meals. I guess it can make sense...the solid stuff can bind to the fats and get released from your body easier than those same fats going through your body with nothing but coffee.

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