Skin hacking -- best moisturizers / serums?

I live on the west coast and get plenty of sun exposure, which seems to be an accelerant for skin-aging.

Are there any particularly good brands or formulations of topical moisturizers / serums to keep collagen & hydration and the overall effects of dry sun exposure in better shape?

I've tried coconut oil a few times, but my skin tends to break out (where I otherwise have virtually zero problems / acne.)



  • Alitura. Hands down the best.

  • @raschroeder said:
    Alitura. Hands down the best.

    Wow, expensive stuff. For 100 mL of moisturizer, a small bottle of lotion, and a little bit of shaving cream, I'm looking at $200+.

  • The products are really unique, the ingredients are incredible, but yes the ingredients are expensive making the product a little more expensive than other brands. I believe this is the only skincare brand Dave uses

  • The ingredients are pure, organic, and nourishing to the skin. Ingredients from the earth and there are no fillers in the products. I've used them all for awhile and they have given me the best results, so in that case I am not afraid to pay a bit more for Alitura than another brand. It's a small company which I do also like. Just my opinion though, the best that I have ever used.

  • I picked up their lotion / moisturizer. At two days in, I gotta admit this is very nice stuff. I'm unexpectedly a shade "bronzier."

  • During the last Bulletproof conference, Dave mentioned that you could take the plasma? from human blood and spread on your face to help as a moisturizer and anti-aging. Does anyone have the name of this component from human blood?

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