Assistance With Blood and Urine Test Results

Hi everyone, I recently had some basic blood and urine tests done at my local GP and find the results to be rather confusing.
I am a healthy, 31 year old guy and lead a semi bulletproof lifestyle with no reason to suspect any serious illness.
I would be very grateful if anyone with more experience in this area would give them a quick once over.
I will likely have them reviewed by my GP in the future but always enjoy discussing such things with the crew here.
Thanks in advance!


  • I am a Functional Medicine physician. Your blood work is fine except the cholesterol levels and Triglycerides. This is a dysregulation of fats and needs to be looked into further. The other portion of the blood is limited but within optimal ranges. However, you should get further testing done starting with looking at the Lipoprotein's especially "a" and particle size. This matters more and the other crucial ratio that was not figured out for you is the Triglyceride/ HDL ratio. Sorry to say but that is out of range as well.
    Diet and supplementation can get you out of this mess. The right type of exercise will help too.
    Hope this helps
    [email protected] if you have further questions.

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