how do I make bigger batches of the coffee?

I've just received my first order of the coffee and have a couple questions. I'd like to be able to make more than one cup of coffee each day. Currently, I am caring for my mom who has ALZ and would like to be able to give mom the coffee too, so I don't have to have to have two different pots going each morning.

Can I just double the batch using the directions on the package? Anyone use an immersion blender when adding the butter/brain octane?

Any thoughts/help appreciated!!


  • What's your idea of "a cup"? Per the bulletproof instructions, "a cup" signifies 8-12oz. I normally brew for one 16oz travel mug at a time. 13 oz of coffee and 3 ounces of what I add. If I want to brew more coffee than that, I just use my pour over with a big french press container rather than my mug. I have no problem brewing up to 20 ounces of coffee into the french press container, but I've never brewed any more than that at one time. Another option is to pour-over brew into a standard drip brew carafe.

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