Lessons learned from getting Hemorrhoids

Lessons from Hemorrhoids


I was on Bulletproof diet, it was awesome! ………….Until I started weight lifting then it was a disaster……..I realized I needed more Carbs . The problem is that my whole life carbohydrates, including your healthy raw green vegetables give me gas and constipation, I “hacked” the system in the following way….. lots of Rice, Corn Flakes and Dextrin / HBCD (supplement used for Carbs during weight lifting) Yes, almost all carbs but those three bothered me. No carbs means little fiber so I started taking a shit load of magnesium (pun intended) to be able to use the bathroom. I knew something was wrong but I had the system mostly hacked…….or so I thought.

Then to my horror I felt something wrong when I was doing squats. I did not know it at the time but the Magnesium being used as a laxative / lack of fiber eventually gave me hemorrhoids.


As mentioned before I could not just start taking fiber without other symptoms so what to do? First I needed to get out of acute pain

Temporary Fixes

**Creams / Sith Baths / DMSO **- No cream really helped at all, I bought a bunch of them

**Ice **
This ice pack hemorrhoid “Hemmorwedge” really helped


This is a tool that helps doctors easily put Rubber Bands on the hemorrhoid which starves it of blood and it goes away I actually learned about it from the Bulletproof message board!


This really helped. Everyone has usually three hemorrhoids (internally, even if you see it externally, it is probably just an Internal falling out) This really helped and is probably all most people need, at least to get out of temporary pain


This was actually kind of painful The band does cause pulling on the rest of your intestines until it falls off after a few days. I needed 5 treatments. Probably would still need more if I did not get to the root of the problem

Long Term Fixes


I will call this practitioner “Acupuncture on Steroids”. Not sure I would have gotten out of that awful cycle without her help


**Fast Track Diet **

Almost ALL Fiber used to hurt me before. Following the FODMAP diet was helpful but still not good enough to get me out of the cycle. I was blown away when I learned about the “Fast Track Diet” It is basically the FODMAP diet which accounts for how spices, resistant starch and Amylose (in certain rices) affect fermentation in your gut. This allows me to strategically pick my Fiber! I was blown away when I saw the following (remember this is just for people with SIBO \ Gut issues)

Corn Flakes - Better \ Corn - Can be problematic

Dextrin - Better \ Table Sugar - Can be problematic

Processed White Bread - Better \ Artisan White Bread - Can be problematic \ Whole Grain Bread - Train Wreck

Horseradish - Better \ Cinnamon - Can be problematic

Jasmine Rice - Better \ Long Grain White - Can be problematic

I had never been able to figure out the logic behind what foods bothered me. This website filled me in and was a huge learning point for me! Remember the only carbs that did not hurt me where Corn Flakes and Dextrin, now I knew why!


This diet helped create an environment where I could troubleshoot more easily. I found that Gluten, Lectins, and Lactose are really not a problem. It was Fructose (found in table sugar), Amylose (Found in Some Rices), Some Spices and some FODMAPs.
**Disclaimer - This diet can have its challenges. If you take it to its complete extreme there are really no fibers. I find I need about 10 grams a day…. No fiber is an issue, but taking fiber like a Vegan is a disaster for me too. The science of carb fermentation allowed me to get the best Fiber bang for my buck. Current helpful fibers for me are; half an Avocado (better than a whole one), Bulletproof Cacao powder, Instapot cooked Sweet Potatoes (no skins) and Soaked Almonds

Visceral Manipulation

It is Physical Rehab / Myofascial release for your organs


You have to be a pretty high end physical rehab professional to have the guts (pun intended again :-) to work on people’s organs. It is somewhat awkward and not covered by insurance, yet it is what many people need!! I have gone twice and noticed a big difference. If you are in Mass try this place


In House SIBO Breath Testing

If you don’t know what SIBO is check this out. Many IBS diagnoses (translation we don’t know what is going on) are turning out to be SIBO, Candida / SIFO


I used the following websites to do SIBO Breath Testing in my own house


This was better than my Insurance covered GI doctor because he had less of an understanding of SIBO than online resources, he would only test with Glucose (only does top of small intestine) for Hydrogen. Online, I could use Lactulose (does the whole small intestine) for both Hydrogen and Methane fermenting bacteria. Methane requires a different treatment proctol than Hydrogen producing bacteria, so this is vital.

Surprisingly, it turned out I did not have high Hydrogen or Methane! Yet, I had SIBO (Bacteria) type systems. Therefore it is reasonable to conclude I had SIFO (Fungus)


**AntiFungals **

Almost everyone I am listening too says Antibiotics can cause Fungal Overgrowth and plants are just as effective (albeit slower to work). Here is a good presentation on the subject from Nirala Jacobi


So I used Berberine for an AntiFungal


I also think Brain Octane Oil, Curcumin with Berberine, Chris Kresser’s GI Renew Supplement and Oil of Oregano helped

**Probiotics **

I know this is a controversial Probiotic (Prescript Assist), because the strains are not natural to your gut


However, I got desperate, so I tried them. It really made a positive difference, and according to this site, there are many studies that back this product


_Places of Learning
Dave Asprey and Chris Kresser are awesome but there are other sources more focused on SIBO, IBS and Candida / SIFO

Dr Ruscio


And my favorite and best place to start on this subject if you have IBS, SIBO, Candida / SIFO


Well I hope this post helps someone. I am back to weightlifting and eating “more normally”. Although this scared me big time, I have come out of this more educated and better of going forward. Of course, no one has my body chemistry so adjust accordingly



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