Contaminated coffee...?

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This is probably a strange place to ask about this, but here it goes... I think my half pound of coffee is probably contaminated with saliva...ghee and avocado oil too, but my own bacteria sitting on my coffee grounds is probably more of a probable concern.

So my mom ran out of coffee so she asked if she can use some of mine. I had already brewed my travel mug of coffee with a pour over brewer. In the ceramic pour over cup I just used, a regular kitchen spoon(for scooping homemade avocado oil ghee) and 2 measuring spoons was sitting in the coffee filter with the brewed grounds...with my intention of throwing the paper filter/used coffee grounds away and washing the pour over and spoons. For some unfathomable reason, she used that used kitchen spoon to scoop my coffee into her filter. That kitchen spoon that had ghee, avocado oil, AND MY FUCKING SALIVA ON IT. It didn't even hit me what she did until I got back home from work I noticed the spoon with coffee grounds in the sink...that same spoon missing from the utensils I used to brew my coffee. She thought that's what I use to scoop my coffee because it had coffee on it...I mean what the shit, I know she's not familiar with the pour over method, but anybody that brews coffee is familiar with what used coffee in a coffee filter looks like so any utensils sitting on used coffee grounds are obviously dirty and are not for scooping ground coffee.

So how fucked is my half pound of coffee? I keep my coffee in a vacuum sealed container. I scooped like a good 1 to 2 inches of the top out into the sink and I washed the vacuum sealing cap since that cap is pushed down till it touches the top of the coffee. It's my intention to fully wash the thing when I finish whats in the container

*if anybody is curious why I would mix ghee with avocado oil... It's virgin avocado oil which means you absorb more nutrients, namely carotenoids, it's probably almost as effective as the whole food avocado for aiding nutrient absorption. So I'm getting all that in the food I cook along with boosting carotenoid absorbtion in my morning has carotenoids, even egg yolk that I put in my coffee has carotenoids...maybe I should even try getting a lycopene supplement so I can increase its bio-availability with this avocado oil ghee.

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