Recuring stomach bacteria :/

A few years ago at 19 I had a very bad stomach reaction to a pencil antibiotic after a wisdom tooth surgery. I was so ill that I lost nearly 15 pounds due to constant diarrhea (I was already very slim at the time and couldn't afford to loose any weight) and nausea and being unable to eat anything without throwing up or it going right through. I was cured with a 10 day course of Metronidazole which saved my life after months of suffering. After my recovery I have been to a functional doctor and nutritionist and become a real health geek since I don't ever want to be that sick again. I've been gluten and dairy free for years now and have been taking a strong probiotic along with vitamin C,D and Zinc to rebuild my gut. My tests showed that I was gluten and dairy intolerant and have been feeling better after cutting them out.

Even though I do all this I have been getting sick every year for the past few years when it's been a year since my last Metronidazole round. I have taken it 3 years in a row now but every time my stomach issues have started to resurface and I've had to take it again to be able to eat food and live life normally again.

I've been feeling fine for a year but I'm starting to get stomach issues again. I don't get it, I do all the things I've read I should do and stick to a bulletproof diet as much as I can and take good supplements and take care of my health. I've taken oil of oregano and L-Glutamine for stomach issues before and have started taking them again but I'm afraid they won't be enough and I'm going to have to do another round of the Metronidazole since that has been the only thing that really works on whatever I have going on in my stomach to refuses to die. I have been tested for all the parasites and everything by my general physician and it all came out clean.

Would someone have any idea what could be causing this aggressive stomach issue to keep returning every year? It goes away after the Metronidazole for a year and then is back... I don't want to have these issues and take any antibiotics I don't need to.

Any suggestions or words of wisdom to a confused 22 year old biohacker?


  • Also I forgot to say I was also tested for C.Diff and all the common parasites and they came back clean

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