Fasting and low blood sugar?

I've been eating really healthy and following the BP diet for about a year now. I was gluten free and relatively healthy even before that for several years. I've read about the benefits of short term fasting but I don't know if it'd do more harm than help for me. I'm 22 and excercise weekly and my perfect weight. I cannot however go more than 3 hours without food or my blood sugar dips and I start to feel terrible. I get distracted and moody and have to eat something right away. I wake up in the morning and fee faint even if I had eated really healthy and well the previous evening and never starve myself.

Does anyone else have this problem? I can't imagine fasting for the whole morning and being productive and nice company to anyone before I get some breakfast. I don't drink coffee (not even BP coffee) and I can't really afford to order expensive brain octane oil to take in the morning.

Am I the only one who feels terrible when trying to fast and still experinces blood sugar dips on the BP diet?


  • Sometimes it takes a bit of getting used to. When I started, it was undoubtedly a change, but eventually my body got used to it and I started noticing spikes in productivity.

    It took me around 2 weeks to start feeling the effects and to not feel that dip in blood sugar that you're talking about.

  • First off, let me say you're not alone. It varies from person to person, but the idea of fasting can be scary. Before Bulletproof I would have never considered fasting. I grew up with the notion of eating 5,6,7 times a day to "boost the metabolism". So when I first went bulletproof and tried fasting it was a big change for me as well. But I have to tell you, now I don't even think about it. Give it time to adapt. Start off slow, maybe once a week for 4 hrs. Then 6 hrs. Then 8, etc.

    Secondly, don't say "I cannot however go more than 3 hours without food..." Assuming you sleep more than 3 hours, you have been fasting for more than 3 hours everyday of your life while you sleep. You are stronger than you think. But you have to start off with the right mentality. You can do it!

    Now some actionable advice:

    • You say you don't drink coffee. Do you drink tea? The caffeine does suppress hunger so that could help.
    • From your description you're not trying to lose weight and are healthy. If you are trying to gain the benefits of autophagy, perhaps you can simply try protein fasting. Dave talks about this in the book.
    • You can also gain many of the benefits of fasting by simply removing carbs and protein which cause the insulin response and remove you from a fasted state. I know you are under budget so you could try using coconut oil or the less expensive C10-C8 blend MCTs. You won't gain the same cognitive benefits as Brain Octane, but you'll stay within a fasted state.
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