Long Term, Frequent Marijuana Usage

Hello BP Family,

I am a heavy user of marijuana, have been for years. I will be stopping soon. When I have quit before I have experienced depression. After I quit this time, I will be working outside every day, getting a lot of exercise and eating farm fresh meals for the next 3 months. In addition to the new healthy lifestyle, are there any good supplements recommended to assist in potential depression or helping build back my emotional processing? Thanks so much for any help!!


  • What did you take it for? to calm down or to focus?

    • Bupropion for withdrawal, addiction and the and lack of stimulation.
    • Gotu Kola to calm and more.

    Perhaps Phenibut when anxious. ( start and stay at 250mg)

    • Visit your MD.
  • Hi, how have the past few weeks been?

    One thing that can help emotionally is keeping a diary about your feelings when going through the transition, perhaps in this thread.

  • I'm glad to hear your change. Maybe you could drink some tea. I usually drink a cup of tea when my emotion is out of control and it did clam me down.
    Wish I can help you. :#

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