coffee enemas

does the body absorb caffeine during coffee enema?
I want to know if better to avoid it at the evening.

anyone knows how much caffeine approx is ingested? is it usually more than drinking or less?


  • Anything you put up your bum is going straight into your blood which is why drug suppositories and even oxygen are administrated this way. In general it is much faster and higher peak plasma level then oral. Don't do the CEs in the evening the caffeine can wire you.

  • What's the deal on this? why do people shove ecstasy up there poop shoot at festivals to get a quicker kick from the drugs?

    @Jason Miller said:
    So then feces is constantly going into your blood?.... hmmm, might want to study up and try again.

  • I always do my coffee enemas at night, per the instructions of my gut health coach. It has never made me wired, ever. Do some research - there's tons of information out there about the how, when, and why to do them. Here's one link:

  • Coffee enemas have been used for a very long time for cleaning out the lower intestine and improving health. It helps flush out bacterias, heavy metals, yeast, fungus from the digestive tract. It also inflammations and helps in restoring the bowel functions. It is used for treating conditions in which prescription medicines or other forms of treatment modalities have failed to work.

  • This method is something new for me. Where do you guys recommend to read about it?

  • Vicky Lyn
    just google coffee enemas and you will find a lot of info about it.
    My mom did these a long time ago before there was internet to google the info.

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