Olive Oil question

Every recipe online says to coat your veggies with olive oil and salt before sticking them into a 400 degree oven. I was doing just that and they tasted great. Then I read that olive oil should never be heated, especially high heat because it oxidizes. Can't tell that from the taste. I used avocado oil next batch and meh, not so great. I will season more next time I guess. How do you roast veggies?


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    The more mellow flavor of olive oil that most people are familiar is actually due to rancidity i beleive. Theres actually a strong peppery flavor in a pure virgin olive oil. Be aware, at 400F you are oxidizing fats and denaturing proteins which is inflammatary...nothing wrong with that every once in awhile. Even Dave deep fried pork skin and posted about it knowing full well that its inflammatary. 320F max is ideal. Maybe try to roast in ghee next time you want roasted veggies...its pretty easy to make, its not worth it to buy ghee at a store.

    Also its a little more work, but if you have nonstick cookware,(preferably the non toxic varieties) you can heat your veggies on a pan with no added liquid or fats at the lowest heat till you pulled out a good bit of water from the veggies, then add your fat and further cook it in its less watery form. I do this with zucchini noodles a lot, and i always drink the drained zucchini water...not really sure just how much liquid you can extract this way though so it probably wont be at all similar to roasting.

  • Yes right. I will roast at 320 next time. Yesterday I used coconut oil and they were good. Ghee is a great idea too. I did not know there was a non-toxic non-stick option for frying pans. Do you have a brand name for me? Thank you!

  • Ceramic or cast iron is probably best. Cast iron tastes some maintenance I believe...I don't think you can just throw that in a dishwasher.

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