Bulletproof Pancakes...worked pretty well, but could be improved.

Preheat oven to lowest temperature and put a 15g piece of unsweetened baking chocolate in a cup measurer in the oven. Separate 4 eggs. In egg whites in another cup measurer, add 1/3 cup coconut milk, 1/4tsp baking powder(and same amount in yolks), 1/4tsp turmeric(precaution to hopefully minimize oxidation), 1/4tsp vanilla extract, 1/4th of a mashed avocado, pinch salt(same in yolks), 1tsp apple cider vinegar, 2tbsp coconut flour, and tsp 1:1 sweetener of choice(2tsp in yolks). Mix yolks, mix whites. The yolks eventually go into the melted chocolate. I usually do it after egg white batter is mixed, but it will probably be best after pancakes are cooked so long as the chocolate isnt hot enough to cook yolks(doubtful)

Heat up a scoop of butter at around medium heat.(probably not even ideal heat for pancakes but i want minimal oxidation and medium heat already seems like a lot) I actually use a blend of ghee and avocado oil i made. Refrigerated, its the same soft texture that regular ghee would be unrefrigerated. Pour some batter on the pan...i tend to make smaller pancakes because im still working on this recipe. Its probably still a little too thick. I also always end up having to use a second scoop of ghee to do the rest of the batter. Maybe putting a scoop of ghee directly in the batter would work.

The odd thing is even though it always comes out to like 80 grams of fat because of the extra ghee, it doesnt feel like i ate that much fat at all. Must be the coconut fat masking how full id expect to be.

If anybody could have some insight on how to improve this, that would be great.


  • Dave has said that coconut flour has mycotoxins and to try Cassava flour. Macros are not as preferable, but if you're eating flour...

  • I beleive i read that, but im sure he said it CAN have mycotoxins, not that it neccissarily does for sure.

  • How are the avacados? I have been making Pancakes with pumpkin Puree, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla extract, Swerve, Cassava flour, and leftover egg whites (I use mostly Yolks every other day) on carb reefed day. Not bad.

    I found some Cassava syrup at the store, not sure what to think of it. Feels like sugar, but if cassava flour is bulletproof...

  • Avocado seems thicker than pumpkin puree. I might not even need it with the coconut flour...the consistency has been a little too thick on all 3 times ive tried this...one less avocado quarter, one less scoop coconut flour...still too thick. Also i would assume thats bulletproof. Coconut sugar isnt, after all.

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