Nicotine Great For the Brain and Bad For Sleep?



  • I used to smoke a pack of unfiltered camels a day for 7 years. I had sleep issues where I would sleep lightly and often wake up super early and need a smoke. I would go back to bed for an hour or so and sleep poorly and have a really hard time getting up when the alarm goes off. Really affected my school work- I got to the point where I needed to nap as soon as I got home. I could down energy drinks and just get more tired.

    So yeah, it's a stimulant and it does make it harder to fall asleep. How much so depends on the person - but studies show there is definitely a connection between tobacco use and sleep problems.

  • Firstly I recommend giving up tobacco and starting vaping, it's much healthier and you won't disturb your family with the smoke...
    Then, if you still experience health issues, there is this extremely useful blog on, I recommend checking it out, they're really fair about all that stuff.

  • First things first: cigarettes will kill you. You should treat nicotine as separate from tobacco products. Nicotine is a compound that’s found in tobacco and in other plants including vegetables we eat. Using patches and gum (NOT cigarettes), nicotine sharpens your brain function, improving short-term memory and increasing endurance with mentally tiring tasks.

    More on nicotine here:

    I'd look into the following as well:

    Perhaps this too depending on where you are at in your life journey:

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