CRP very high - everything else normal

I have a high CRP level every month. I have tested positive for the HLA-B27 gene which means I could have some form of Spondylitis, an arthritic auto immune condition, though presently doctors say I only have osteo arthritis. The arthritis pain has greatly improved since starting the BP diet 3 mos ago. Have lost 30 lbs and feel pretty good, but my CRP (c-reactive protein) levels still hover around 15 to 17 month after month. I've read the Head Strong and the Bullet proof Diet books and try to eat and cook properly as recommended in the books and don't understand why only the CRP is elevated and all other tests are in normal ranges?

Whenever I ask my doctor about this he shrugs and says " your sed rate is normal so don't be concerned". I'm not buying his answer. Does anyone else have this problem or thoughts on what I'm doing wrong to cause this high level?

Thank you for any ideas you may have.


  • I would mega dose Omega-3s (like 5000mg / day) for a month, and then back it off to 3000/day. Have you had your Omega blood panel taken. Most americans are way below a good ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6. A better ratio should help with inflammation. I prefer Krill, but Fish oil works well too.

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