Is A Shower Head Water Filter Really Necessary?

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What do you think... is shower water filter is imperative to use when we take bath?


  • Chlorine is bad for your skin, but I don't have such a filter so I am not one to say. Your water is probably Chlorinated according to google.

  • suntouchersuntoucher Uninspired Potential ✭✭✭

    Seems overkill and way down the importance list. Unless you are particularly sensitive to something in the water. Are you?

  • @Abe_R

    Obviously, Chlorine is bad for our skin and hair. But we can eliminate it by using eco-friendly shower head filter. I always recommend to use eco-friendly products because these products are biodegradable and do not harm our earth.

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    ...a biodegradable shower head, that could be inconvenient... >:)

    fake it till you make it

  • Abe_RAbe_R
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    Well, the recommendation at swimming pools has always been to shower off before & after getting in the pool to reduce the amount of chlorine you would absorb from the pool (ironically that water is still chlorinated, just tiny amounts compared to ridiculous amounts.) People also say oils like leave in conditioner (used this all the time as a swimmer) and coconut oil will help keep it out. So that might help too. I don't particularly care about the environment myself.

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