Keto rash on my face!! HELP!

Hello my BP friends,

I am a female, 42 years old. I started the BP diet a couple of weeks ago mostly for more energy and mental clarity as well as losing the extra 7-8 lbs. I have played around with ketone the past couple of years but this time I was able to be in full ketosis a fews days after start (readings of 0.7 to1.4 on my blood ketone meter), great energy and mental clarity and a few lbs less.

A few days ago I started developing a severe rash all over my face, specifically forehead, around the nose and chin and across the hairline on my face and nowhere else on my body.

I Checked out the threads and other forums, have upped my carbs and out of ketosis, taking all the sups Dave recommended (charcoal, glutathione etc), using IR lamp and ACV and everything else that I could find on the web, nothing seems to help!!

It has been 3 days now the rash is still looking horrible. I need advice on how to deal with this as going in public can't be avoided and I don't live in Saudi!! and on top of that Im starting a new job tomorrow.



  • Hi shayinta,

    I guess the best option may be to go back to your previous eating habits for a few weeks and let things settle. I expect the rash will then go away by itself. Once it has disappeared, I would slowly try out the various biohacks again, one by one, with enough time in between to see what combination might cause the rashes. It looks like we all have to become biohackers to see what helps in our particular cases. :smile:

    Good luck!

  • Thanks Bert37, the rash is mostly gone, there are a couple of patches of dry skin here and there. I have two suspicions:

    1- I was so focused on being in ketosis and eating my fats that I might have skimped on the leafy greens and this might have made my body too warm (Chinese medicine), I started taking cucumbers, cooked spinach and will be getting some Teff soon as it has cooling properties.

    2- I don't typically eat dairy but I started taking raw grassfed cheese that is not bulletproof, and combination of that and ketosis might have caused the rash.

    Im still not giving up on ketosis, it feels amazing and I was able to get to 1.6 mmol on my blood ketones which is quite good for me ( I had a hard time getting close to 0.5)

    Ill be going back in cutting the cheese and adding more cooling veggies to my food, wish me luck :)

  • That sounds very reasonable. I also found that by following the delicious recipes Dave has provided (like the "creamy" avocado dressing which also has lots of cucumbers in it), you can take much more veggies than by just cooking and eating them one by one. Right now, I'm still too hungry to be fully Bulletproof/in ketosis, because I can't eat Bulletproof fats liberally, which is because I suspect I've got a fatty liver--it hurts a little anyway--, need to heal that first by keeping saturated fats down for a few weeks.

  • Ooh that sounds yummy Ill take a look, thanks for mentioning Bert and hope your liver gets back on track soon!

  • Shayita, were you successful in eating enough cooling foods to keep the keto rash away?

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