Coffee without Bulletproof Diet

I was wondering if it is still beneficial to drink the Bulletproof coffee without following the bulletproof diet. If anyone has some input, that would be greatly appreciated.



  • Bull of HeavenBull of Heaven ✭✭✭ ✭✭✭

    I would never combine BPC with a moderate-high carb diet, you'll end up more likely to consume too many calories. If you're active and burn a lot of calories maybe you'll be alright, or if your not making BPC with 2tbs butter and 2tbs mct oil, again may not be a big deal.

    As far as benefits of BPC. I think most are exaggerated, at least as far as what the butter and oil is doing. I love high quality black coffee as a drink and a drug and do not need butter and oil to get what I want out of it. If you feel the benefits keep it up.

    Hope this feed back helps,

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