Collagen risky for people with gout?

Hi everyone,

I'm 37, I have light gout, so if I'm careful not to eat too much meat, I'm fine—I just shouldn't overdo it. I try to avoid consuming fructose, and I think I succeed at that on 9 out of 10 days.

Today, I took one heaped tablespoon of pure, grass-fed hydrolyzed collagen powder (from Primal State, a German supplier) blended into this evening's BP Vanilla latte for the first time, and soon afterwards I felt gout-like symptoms in my finger, knee and foot joints, and also pain behind my eyes. It was very similar to having eaten too much meat, in spite of not having eaten any other gout inducers along with the vanilla latte.

I found some other comments of people on the web reporting similar experiences, but they didn't know what it could be due to. Can anyone help out?

Best, Bert



  • I dont have gout but i noticed an intensified flareup of symptoms pertaining to endo for females, i had to stop taking the collagen because i read that hydrolyzed collagen contains phthalates which is dangerous to a womans hormones, i kno thats far from gout but wanted to let you kno i noticed issues with my collagen supplement intake as well

  • Great to know that, thanks! Didn't know about the phthalates. Of course, they're bad for men, as well.
    Would be great if Dave could weigh in on this.

  • Sadly, collagen causes gout flare ups with me, too.

  • I get gout about once a year in my big toe, when I forget to watch my diet, (My doctor predicted this years ago, and I did, shortly afterwards. I have only one kidney. The other one was removed in 1969 due to disease.) Last week I had the worst attack by far involving my whole right ankle and toe and my left knee. I was almost totally immobilized and in terrible pain and it came on suddenly. I realize now that it almost certainly came from bone broth (pure collagen) that I have been eating most meals to use it up. Veggies in broth, fish in broth, rice in broth etc. I simmer chicken and rib bones for hours and keep it in jellied form in the fridge. I am desperate to avoid another attack like that because I cannot live alone if that's the way it's going to be. I would have to go into a nursing home! After a week I am much better and won't touch that broth for sure. I hope my experience helps everyone.

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